Will Azerbaijan–Iran tensions reach point of no return?

Over the past 18 months, tensions have gradually continued to escalate between Azerbaijan and Iran. Ties have been strained by a combination of diplomatic spats and military drills along their border. Azerbaijan perceives Iran as posturing dangerously towards its southern regions, while Tehran is threatened by Baku drawing closer to the Islamic Republic’s regional rivals—particularly Israel. Absent a change in these dynamics, relations could further deteriorate, with tensions boiling over.

The dispute started spiralling in Sept. 2021—only weeks after Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi took office—when tensions escalated following reciprocal military exercises on the border. Iran conducted drills in its northwestern provinces, predominantly populated by ethnic Azeris, while Azerbaijan held joint manoeuvres with Pakistan and Turkey. Since then, ties have been tested by both countries holding further exercises and practising operations close to the border. As Amwaj. media previously highlighted, competing discourses and irredentist claims in both Azerbaijan and Iran to territory within each other’s borders have only served to further inflame tensions.

The original text was published by Amwaj Media

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